Jeannie D AvatarJeannie D

4 star rating Great place for outside dining by the ocean Their outside patio was wonderful with a view of the ocean. The sand dabs were very good and my friends seafood pasta was great. Beware that they are very busy and there will probably be a wait to sit outside, but well worth it. - 5 days ago 

girlygirlinid Avatargirlygirlinid

4 star rating A really yummy bowl of soup! Mom, sis, and I all had their clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. The bread bowl had the perfect amount of sour and the chowder was amazing! I really recommend this place if you are looking for a chowder. Yum! - 1 week ago 

Pixelpanderer AvatarPixelpanderer

5 star rating Great food and great views The place is on a pier going out into the water where one can watch seals and sea otters. The menu was good, the service a little harried and the food was fresh and well-presented. The beverage list was up to the standards of the menu. - 2 weeks ago 

rpgamble7 Avatarrpgamble7

4 star rating Excellent Restaurant with great views. Excellent seafood Restaurant with great views of Monterey Bay. Food is very fresh. Service is excellent. Nice menu with lots of options. Great cocktails. - 1 month ago 

832vgs Avatar832vgs

5 star rating Delicious Cuisine! Fish Hopper Restaurant located along the Cannery Row is a popular place serving delicious sea food cuisine. We relished their meals more than once during our stay at Monterey. During our first visit for Lunch we enjoyed Red Sangria, Beer, Bread Bowl Chowder. During our next visit for dinner, we ordered Jack Daniels, Red Sangria, Crab Cakes, Bowl of Chowder. Their sea food preparation as well as their Chowder Bowl is one of the best in the city. The staff are helpful and friendly. Their seating is spacious with windows facing the ocean. Value for money. - 1 month ago 

trazee2013 Avatartrazee2013

5 star rating Beautiful and Excellent Food,Service I was here about a month ago for my 60th Birthday and my Moms' 89th Birthday get away.
Mom was looking for abalone, but had a wonderful scallop meal instead.

I felt the fresh air, beautiful view and wonderfully presented food was worth a GREAT review.

I feel the red cabbage slaw was the best I have ever had. I look forward to visiting again. It is too bad I live 550 miles away,or I would come very often.

It is worth every penny, so save up.

Thanks Mom for a great weekend. - 1 month ago 

SwingerJ AvatarSwingerJ

4 star rating Touristy and Tasty Yes, I am very well aware this place is an overpriced tourist trap in a very touristy part of Monterrey.

However, the location right on the water is fantastic with panoramic views of the ocean and the many sea creatures that live in it. The outdoor patio made a safer place to drink and nosh in the midst of Covid times. The staff were all extraordinarily friendly and helpful as well...our nice waitress to didn't blink when we said we just getting a couple of appetizers and a single $10 glass of wine(I'm a cheapass wino whom can't tell the difference between a $7 or $70 wine glass)

$13 Grilled Monterey! These aren't the little things in the cans you're used to. These are the big 7-8 inchers that are grilled perfectly and refined with some fresh squeezes of lemon, delicious!

$16 Crabbed Stuff Mushrooms...amazing! If only there were more than 5 pieces...

Side note: The happy hour menu looks fantastic! But is only offered indoors, so we didn't want to risk it with the Covids still floating in the air. - 1 month ago 

A Tripadvisor Member AvatarA Tripadvisor Member

5 star rating An Absolute Must! My wife and I celebrated her birthday this past weekend at The Fish Hopper. From making the reservation to saying goodbye, was one of the greatest and most enjoyable dining experiences in our lives. I made the reservation with Rossi and she was just amazing to say the least. Not only is she personable and professional, Rossi was able to secure a table with a fabulous view. Both my wife and I were "wowed" by the view, service and the opportunity to meet Rossi. We had two people looking after our table, Jerry and Omar. We meant Jerry on our first visit last month. He and Omar made us feel as if they could read our minds. As busy as the restaurant was, Rossi was able to stop by our table so I can give her a sincere thank you while Jerry and Omar made us feel as if we were the only 2 in the restaurant. As for the food, my wife ordered the Filet Mignon with the Lobster Tail. She said it was even more perfect (if that is even possible) than the last time she ordered it. I had to try it also, and yes...cooked to perfection. I, on the other hand, have tried both the 22 oz Bone in Ribeye and the Filet Mignon. Personally, I prefer the ribeye simply because it is a larger cut of meat. All in all, each meal we ordered was impeccably presented and delicious. I would not change a thing. As soon as you cut in the meat, the juices come flowing. If you haven't tried The Fish Hopper on Cannery Row in Monterey, then you are missing a marvelous dining experience. I can't wait for round 3, the ribeye is calling me. Thank you Rossi, Jerry, and Omar for making my wife’s birthday so special. - 1 month ago 

Gil M AvatarGil M

5 star rating Food was excellent and the view lovely They were actually doing some limited inside seating which was nice. There is some outside seating just to the right of the entrance. Large windows to view the water. Just inside the entrance is the bar area to the left. Then, as you proceed in past the bar, there is a long seating area to the left, and to the right, there is a long seating area the continues forward and juts out into the bay. You are surrounded by water. We sat at the end of this section. So nice to be surrounded by all the water. Beautiful and peaceful. The food was good and the service was a team effort and very good. Food was tasty and portions were good. Been here before when visiting out of town and will be returning for sure. - 2 months ago 

Anne S AvatarAnne S

5 star rating Great seafood with a wonderful view! We picked a wonderful day to drive from Carmel to Monterey for lunch. Upon our arrival we walked around and ended up at The Fish Hopper for lunch. What a great choice we made. We were welcomed and seated immediately. We had a table right by the windows which was spectacular as we enjoyed a fabulous view of the ocean. Our server Cindy was very friendly and helpful as we perused their menu. My friend ordered prawns and I ordered a salad with scallops. Each of our meals was delicious! After our great lunch we walked around some more and did some shopping which was so fun. I would definitely keep The Fish Hopper on my list of restaurants to return to. - 2 months ago