Monzie B. AvatarMonzie B.

4 star rating Great food with a beautiful view of the ocean! You cant beat that. No wait time when my boyfriend and I arrived. It just felt crowded with the seating but that's understandable because its a busy location! Little pricey, but that comes with the location and tourism as well, you get what you pay for but nonetheless the food was flavorful and delicious! - 2 days ago 

Elizabeth R. AvatarElizabeth R.

4 star rating Great service and food was good with the exception of the clam chowder. Our other dishes were tasty and the staff was great! - 2 days ago 

Eugenia Y. AvatarEugenia Y.

4 star rating We stopped by to pick up some food at about 6 PM on a Sunday and already it was pretty much impossible to get a seat in the restaurant, and the wait at the to-go window was so long! After waiting quite a while, we got to the front and placed our order with the waitress. We ordered the clam chowder bread bowl, some more clam chowder, and raw oysters. The wait was pretty long, but the waitress who was working was bustling to get everything done all by herself, so it seems that the restaurant was pretty understaffed! Hopefully they're able to hire more people so that the wait times may be shorter.

As for the food, it was pretty good! The raw oysters were fresh, and the clam chowder was tasty. I will say though, that the clam chowder was a bit thicker than I thought it'd be, so it was way more filling than I had thought! Definitely worth trying though. Overall, I think I'd go back if the wait times were a bit shorter! - 3 days ago 

Heather H. AvatarHeather H.

4 star rating It had a nice view of Monterey Bay. We ordered the clam chowder, halibut fish and chips, and salmon. It was great to share the dishes between us. The dishes all had a nice flavor and didn't feel heavy except for the sourdough bread ball. Nice way to enjoy lunch after the aquarium. - 3 days ago 

Mike G. AvatarMike G.

4 star rating I recommend the Fishhopper as a reliable, Monterey restaurant. Because of the tourist setting on Cannery row, it is a bit overpriced, but their food is good. The first time we came here during the pandemic we were seated in the courtyard outside, but when we came back a second time and sat indoors the views were incredible. Really clear, tall windows that faced the ocean!

We had the crab cakes, and although they were tasty, we were a little disappointed with the portioning - there were only two. The crab was fresh tasting and the breading was not overpowering. The sauce was a pretty standard crab cake sauce and complimented it nicely.

The fish and chips are solid if you are up for a fried meal! The fish was nice and hot with a crispy outside, although the fries could have been crispier and fresher (it may have been the batch). I ordered the cajun local snapper sandwich. The fish was fresh tasting and the cajun seasoning worked well with the sandwich. Overall this wasn't too mind blowing of a dish, but it was tasty.

I also tried the Mai Tai PA which was a local beer from Alvarado. I was glad to try the local beer option, but wouldn't order that beer again because it was too fruity for my liking.

The highlight of this restaurant is certainly the ocean view. We were seated with a great view of the ocean probably because we made a reservation, so I would definitely recommend doing that or trying to request a window seat. It's a beautiful view of the ocean and you might be able to see some sea critters in their natural habitat. This view and location definitely explains the price to quality ratio, and as long as you go into it with that in mind you'll have a great experience. The server was also nice and friendly! - 4 days ago 

Viridiana P. AvatarViridiana P.

4 star rating This spot has great service. Perfect portion size meals. Delicious desserts they come to show you them so you can see what dessert you would like. Drinks are tasty. highly recommend plus you get a view of the ocean. Nice ambience. - 5 days ago 

Shelly C. AvatarShelly C.

5 star rating Great place to eat with an amazing view. Our dinners were amazing and the oysters were probably the freshest I have ever had. A little pricey but is what you would expect to pay for a place like that. - 5 days ago 

Marisol D. AvatarMarisol D.

5 star rating Initially, my partner and I had stopped by to pick up some of their famous clam chowder, right away it's easy to notice why they are so famous. Super quick and delicious, a great way to get our day started.

Later in the day we were hungry again and everything on Cannery Row was closed so we decided to come back to this spot for dinner as they close fairly late compared to the other joints. I have to compliment their ambiance, dim lighting and over looking the foggy Monterey Beach, spectacular! They are a bit on the pricier side compare to other spots but everything we tried was delicious and service was great. I'll definitely be coming back! - 6 days ago 

Lorena A. AvatarLorena A.

5 star rating Delicious food & drinks, good service! Second time visiting Monterey & this restaurant. Good experience once again! - 6 days ago 

Shannon W. AvatarShannon W.

4 star rating Excellent service, everything was a little bit slow to arrive, but the food was really good. Our server Emily got me a special exception for an appetizer special because of a dietary restriction, which I really appreciated. We had the broiled salmon, the macadamia crusted halibut, and the artichoke appetizer. We didn't care for the sauce on the artichoke but that's more of a personal taste preference. - 1 week ago